Radwa’s immersive learning experience with DPMI Cairo, Egypt

Radwa Wahba, IPD/MBA

Having the opportunity to be part of the 2017 DPMI Egypt cohort has been one of the most fulfilling academic experiences I have had the pleasure of being part of. Our course was led by Dr. Khaled Abdelhalim, one of leading professors of Urban Policy at the American University in Cairo. Our session was centered around three modules; Designing Development Projects in Context, Managing Development Projects, and Social Entrepreneurship and Strategic Partnership, utilizing the Egyptian context as our base for learning. We observed the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s country office in Cairo and their development project implemented in the Minya Governorate for our client project and used it to redesign its achievements in the neighboring governorate of Sohag. Through assessing the Hayah Project, meaning life in Arabic, we were to assess and evaluate the effects of the project in Minya, aimed to create and integrate development interventions to achieve sustainable rural livelihood, and redesign the project’s goals to fit those of Sohag’s population through the production of a project management toolkit to guide it implementation.

Part of our academic deliverable, included the presentation of our reassessment to a panel of representatives from UNIDO’s country office in Cairo, who have worked on and are part of both projects, in addition to working with a local Egyptian nonprofit utilizing our knowledge from our course. The MIIS DPMI Cairo 2017 cohort partnered with A Better World Foundation to study their current business plan and aid the organization in reaching their overall development goals. Upon consulting with the founder of BWF, Hany Amin, we found that the organization would benefit the most from increased marketing, both to promote its training services amongst its target groups and to raise additional funds by advertising income-generating activities such as Arabic classes for foreign visitors. Our final report relaunched and developed several social media platforms and a website. It also presented the organization with a recommended a social marketing plan for BWF’s future us, the details of which are listed in the attached deliverable.

Upon the completion of my DPMI program, I walked away having a deeper understanding of practically applying what I have learned and utilizing it in a manner that is effective both on a local and national level. Having the opportunity to receive feedback from representatives of a UN office was incredibly enlightening and practical in setting realistic, professional benchmarks of what is expected of such a task from international developments working with an international organization implementing effort is in specialized regions. It put in perspective how critical methodology and design tools, such as situational analysis and logical framework analysis tools, truly are in creating a sustainable development plan. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to utilizing my academic and professional knowledge gained in future contexts during my time at MIIS and afterwards.


MIIS DPMI Egypt 2017 Cohort & The Better World Foundation Team






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