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Summer Frontier Market Scouts Finishing their Assignments

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Eight of the twenty one scouts that are currently on assignment are finishing up their assignments by the end of August. Our scouts had exciting summer internships with partners such as The Hub-BogotaThe Hub- IstanbulGrowth Africa, Village Capital – India, Qmágico, and more.

The scouts gained hands on experience in investing at the Base of the Pyramid, while focusing on market-based solutions and private sector development to alleviate the poverty much the of the enterprising poor population endures.

Be sure to follow their blogs as they finish up their assignments. The scouts already have offered substantial insight into the field of impact investing through their blogs, and we expect even more as they wrap up and reflect on their experiences. Their blogs can be found at: 2012 Scouts in the Field.

For more information on the Frontier Market Scouts Program, a joint venture of the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Sanghata Global, and Village Capital, please visit the FMS Site.

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