Sneak Peak of Episode 1: Davos Competition

Heard of Davos? Could you find it on a map? Wait, what does MIIS have in relation to Switzerland? Here’s a little sneak peak.

The MIIS Team that won the Davos competition

You might have missed this story–or one about which you may have wanted to learn more. For the second year in a row, a team from MIIS won the MBA Case competition in Davos, Switzerland. Their team’s challenge from the competition sponsor, BNP Paribas:

Develop a new and actionable idea that will enable meaningful investment in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals while creating new growth opportunities for BNP Paribas CIB division. The case study can be found here.


Tune in on Friday 3/9/18 for the release of

Episode 1: Miis’d you in action: Davos Competition Winners

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