Mini-Project 2

showcase 2

Note: These projects are student work, still in progress, and in the process of being accuracy checked.

Japanese Schools

Hiroshima Jogakuin HS

The Nuclear Disarmament Trends up to the Present

Hiroshima pic

Hiroshima Jogakuin Mini-Project 2 Narrative

 Kwassui HS

What Can Young People Do toward the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons Testing?

Russian School

Gymnazium #41, Novouralsk

Path Toward a Nuclear Weapon-Free World

American Schools

Cushing Academy

Cushing CIF Website


Franklin HS

Nuclear Disarmament 

Presentation Narrative HERE.



Choate Rosemary Hall

A World Without Nuclear Weapons Voicethread

Worst-Case Scenario Prezi

Mid-Pacific Institute

Disarmament: The Cold War to the Present Prezi

Santa Catalina School