Tears, Rain, Camouflage


This was our last day in Hinche. We were obliged to pack, say our goodbyes and prepare for travel. Leaving the people we’d worked with for this short amount of time was remarkably difficult. We’d become attached to so many of the key players during this project that it was actually painful and sad for all of us. On some level we initially knew this, but actually going through these moments was emotionally challenging. If I were to begin to list the names of those with whom we’ve become so attached, I fear I would drench my keyboard and never finish. I trust you get the gist.

On another note, thankfully, we had arranged to return to the Eucalyptus hotel we’d stayed at on our first night in Port au Prince. As it happened, we did lose a tire along the way and had to have it replaced. We were grateful for the spare tire as well as the fact that we got through the experience unscathed.  On our way through the mountains, we recognized a lot more than we had when we first got here. We each reflected on the beauty of the countryside and our sense of hopefulness for this place we’ve come to love. There is so much that has been done, so much to do and so much to say. We did a group, audiotaped interview with Pere Noe as we drove along. He talked of his wishes for the school

Upon arrival at the hotel, we were as welcomed as we were when we first arrived. It was nice seeing familiar faces who also recognized us. I think I can speak for the group concerning our disappointment about the fact that the pool was being repainted and we weren’t able to go for a swim. We balanced it out by sitting on the back porch, drinking eucalyptus tea, looking at the butterflies, surverying the construction that’s going on here and further reflecting on our countless experiences. To top the evening of, it rained again. YES!!!