The USB that provides the internet went MIA for a couple of days but we have access again. The last day of community classes consisted of the completion of “The Alligator River Story” for the advanced class and an introduction to the home in the beginning class. The teacher training session began with the completion of the literature unit and was followed by “The Alligator River Story” which acted as a model of an activity to encourage meaningful interaction in the language classroom. Saturday, we went swimming at a hotel and it was really relaxing. Yesterday, we presented the teachers with their certificates and took some photos. The teachers, Gregory, and Pere Noe made some speeches and the teachers presented Pere Noe with a certificate for his dedication to teacher education. Today, we are meeting with the new sixth grade teacher to share our lesson plans with her and then will meet with some highly motivated students to practice English conversation. The electricity and water have been on and off for a couple of days but everything is in working order at this moment. The end of the year exams for the school began today; students spent this morning taking a four hour mathematics exam! Students begin taking the national exams on 12 June. Tomorrow, we are heading to Cape Haitian! We’re very excited to see the beach!