Ziplines and Human Centered Design at Inn-Inc

Last week at Inn-Inc, Bob Cole (director of the Digital Learning Commons) mentored ideators in Human Centered Design. Popularized by IDEO as a toolkit for nonprofits and social enterprises, the methodology focuses on user interface and experience to develop innovative solutions.
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We practiced the HCD approach using the MIIS campus as a case study.  Our challenge: make campus friendlier with more connected social spaces.  As a group we followed 7 important brainstorming rules:

With that basis, we explored ideas through the lens of “How might we….?” How: suggesting there are infinite possible solutions. Might: referring to the testability of the idea with failure as an option.  We: collaborate and use collective ideas.

MPA Designs

We brainstormed about the use of campus space using these How Might We questions:

Some wilder ideas included bulldozing buildings through the center of campus and creating a three-block-long walkway for students with wide, social pathways (instead of single-file stairwells through parking lots and alleys). Possibly involving a zipline and/or funicular?

Next we dove deeper into the various ideas different people had brought to Inn Inc.  In groups, we explored new ideas through relevant stakeholder perspectives that were instrumental in informing new solutions, alternative dialogue, and idea development.

Stay tuned as we continue this exploration in HCD Part 2 this Friday at 2pm in the D Sp@ce! 

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All Roads Lead to Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome