The Jungle Book

Having snorkeled the Nahtik Marine Protected Area and having navigated the Enipein Mangrove Reserve, exploration of the Watershed Rainforest Reserve was the last step required to complete my tour of the three conservation sites included in my Ridge-to-Reef management plan for the Woun Kepin Soamwaoi Nature Conservancy. Continue reading

Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2015

Capitol Hill Ocean Week (June 9-11)the nations largest, most focused, and highest level of oceans discussions. #CHOW2015 on Twitter

With the start of the 114th Congress, Capitol Hill Ocean Week (CHOW) marked a unique opportunity to shape the U.S. marine policy agenda, engage leadership, cultivate new ocean champions, and drive lively conversation about America’s most critical ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes issues. For more than a decade, CHOW has convened Congressional Members and staff, Administration officials, state and local government representatives, business executives, military officials, academic experts, and conservation leaders to explore a wide range of cutting-edge and challenging policy issues relating to our ocean. Continue reading

Eels, Squeals, and Automobiles

I wake to the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops on my tin roof, quickly followed by the thunderous drum of rain pouring down from the heavens, as if trying to wash the planet clean (if only it were so easy). Which reminds me that I should probably shower. I sit up slowly as to not wake my bedmates, which are naturally accustomed to the noise of tropical downpours, and sneak outside. The sun is just beginning to peak through the jungle canopy, sending beams of light dancing across the rapidly forming muddy puddles. I grab my shoes and soap and begin my slippery descent down the moss covered, rocky embankment. Continue reading