Something smells fishy…

“What do we say to our ancestors

When all the fish are gone

If we fail to protect our home

And all our future children to come

Their hope lies in us”

-Te Vaka

This quote concludes the two-page summary of my research paper exploring the regional cross-sectoral impacts and benefits of coastal fisheries in the Pacific. Yesterday brought together regional fisheries experts; government and local fisheries officers; permanent secretaries and representatives from the Ministries of Economy, Health, iTaukei Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Strategic Planning; representatives from the community based Fiji’s Locally Managed Marine Area’s, Secretariat for the Pacific Community the University of the South Pacific, Institute of Marine Resources,South Pacific Tourism Organisation and the Pacific Islands Development Fund; as well as the stars helping to navigate the sailors: the IUCN staff. Remember all those acronyms I was telling you about? Continue reading

IUCN, PCEG, CF, FLMMA, SPC, PIDF, BDM, DoFF and other acronyms……..

I’m challenging you to be uprooted, yes, it will be done, let’s turn them up side down.

I’m ready, you think I’m afraid of you, you can’t break my defence.

You’re only a hen, I’m the rooster, let’s fight and you’ll see.

I don’t sleep and will watch you.

My strength can reach the crushing of the waves.

I will not be drowned, you think you’ll defeat me by drowning?

Your fence is only made of wawamere creapers, It’s easy to untangle.

I can uproot you, I can uproot you, yes it will be achieved.

Fijian – I Bole (translated)


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