Institutional ecosystem

“No man is an island”.  No teacher is an island either, especially when it comes to using MALL in the classroom.  Any use of MALL by a teacher is going to involve communicating with many different stakeholders, and gathering many kinds of resources:


Which other actors must be communicated with, and about what?


what must be gathered in order to use MALL successfully?

  • Administrators of the program – Is there support for MALL? Does MALL align with the values of the institution?
  • Colleagues in the department – Are all faculty using MALL in the same ways/with the same frequency? How will fellow teachers respond to one teacher’s use of MALL?
  • Parents of learners – Do they permit underage learners to have an internet presence or a mobile device at all?
  • Owners of the technology – Are copyright issues at stake? What content and how much of it can you share with learners?
  • Learners – Are they receptive to MALL in the classroom? Did they ask for it?
  • Tech support staff – maintenance and set-up
  • Exceptions to filters – if the institution has restrictions in place
  • Protocol – established system of MALL use
  • Budget – devices, licensing fees, maintenance, etc.
  • Bandwidth
  • Curriculum development, teacher training
  • Legal authorization – to use certain apps, websites or devices.