Fen Vega’s lesson plan

School/Institution: Stevenson School Course: Chinese 4, 10:10 am – 10:55 am
Grade/Level: 9 – 12 Topic: Traditional Chinese Medicine   
Language: Mandarin Chinese Time45 minutes
Content Objectives
SWBAT Recognize the six common Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies. SWBAT demonstrate the operation of each of the six common TCM therapies through physical gestures.SWBAT apply simple Chinese treatment using pressure points massage.SWBAT describe simply the health benefits of each of the common TCM therapies.SWBAT compare and contrast TCM and Western medicine.
Language Objectives
SWBAT recognize the type of the TCM based on the pictures, videos, or corresponding gestures by saying 按摩,针灸,拔罐,刮痧,艾灸 ,and 食疗. (massage, acupuncture, cupping, scraping, moxibustion, and diet remedy) SWBAT apply these vocab in their conversation:  经络,穴位,望闻问切

Materials: Fly swatters[ST1] , TV news clip, video clip, handouts for captions and glossary, PowerPoint slides, laptop, projector, and whiteboard


Intro Phase  
Teacher first introduces what Chinese medicine is and asks students to briefly share their understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Then compare TCM with western medicine. 5 mins
During Phase  
Introduce 6 types of TCM and other key words: 按摩, 针灸,拔罐,刮痧,艾灸 ,and 食疗, (经络,穴位,望闻问切) Have students learn the terms of the above TCM with gestures and pictures, so they can remember the vocab, then implement the Group Activity: Vocabulary-swatting Competition   5 mins
Chinese massage (按摩) Individual activity:students try out acupoint massage   – 人中穴,合谷穴, 百会穴 – After viewing the video clip (40 seconds in total), students try the acupuncture points for curing eyes discomfort due to using phone or computer – After viewing the video clip (50 seconds in total), students try the acupuncture points for cervical vertebrae, thoracic, and lumbar.  5 mins
Acupuncture (针灸) Video clip of “The Russian Girl who learns TCM”
(1) Teacher plays 3 short video clips (2 mins).  Viewing tasks: (group discussion)
a) Why does the girl believe in TCM?
b) What do you think about acupuncture after watching this video?
c) Would you try acupuncture? Why or why not?  

(2) Kahoot Listen Comprehension activity   Link to Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/90a27c43-4383-441c-b0dc-dfda06d6b2e8 Game Pin: 378243  

(Note: Students have previewed the video prior to the class. A handout with caption and glossary was provided to them as well. They have learned the content of the video.)
10 mins  
Cupping (拔罐) Teacher plays the TV News about cupping (1.5 mins).

Viewing tasks: (group discussion) What do you think about cupping after watching this video? Why would those athletes & celebrities adore cupping? Would you try acupuncture? Why or why not?
10 mins  
Closing Phase  
Ranking and Speaking Activity:   Have students complete the ranking activity—via Pull Everywhere on the mobile phone, and present the chart of the result  

Link to Poll Everywhere:
https://www.polleverywhere.com/ranking_polls/pDmNY1l9GZUABQD or PollEv.com/fenvega625  

Then in pair, students talk about: What is your understanding about these 6 TCM therapies?
How did you rank the 6 TCM therapies? Explain which TCM you are willing to try, which TCM you will not try, and why so.
10 mins    
Homework: Have students review the vocab via Quizlet.
This is the link tothe vocab flashcards: https://quizlet.com/_4o6akx
password: drthor