Amanda Wyland’s lesson plan

Exploring Food Security in Monterey County

Class Description:

This lesson is created for a Service-Learning and English language course at CSUMB for Japanese exchange students. The students’ English level ranges from high beginner to middle intermediate. The course is centered on hunger and homelessness in the U.S. and the students complete 30 hours of community service with local organizations such as The Monterey Foodbank, The First United Methodist Church in Salinas, and Loaves, Fishes, and Computers.

One of the main concepts covered in the course is food security, which is the physical and economic access to nutritious food. The goal of this lesson is to have students explore local community to determine the food security of the area. Hopefully, students will understand how difficult/challenging it is to have access to nutritious food if you are experiencing homelessness.

Lesson Objectives:

  1. SWBAT describe the level of food security (economic & physical) of the local Monterey community.
  2. SWBAT use descriptive language to describe the various food in the local community.
  3. SWBAT use Instagram to document and describe the food found in the local community.
  4. SWBAT use the words perishable and non-perishable accurately to describe various foods.

Technology used:

  1. Socrative
  2. Instagram
  3. Youtube