Nico DeGolia working with BSR Consulting and WildAid in San Francisco

Student Name:   Nico DeGolia

Fellowship Organizations:   BSR Consulting & WildAid

Fellowship Locations:  San Francisco, CA  and Monterey, CA

Dates of Fellowships:  May 28st-July 20th, 2018 at BSR, and July 30th-Sept 30th, 2018 at WildAid

Description:  For BSR Consulting, Nico will be working to make ocean freight more sustainable–specifically, how to measure the impact of moving goods around the world.  As part of the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG), he will help to develop a 3-5 year strategy for the future of the initiative. The group will develop a study on ‘the future of reporting’ that leverages scenario planning to predict the effects/consequences on ocean freight of various possible futures. For WildAid, he will work closely with the Marine Program Officer to improve and automate donor communications and develop a corporate sponsorship program for the marine team. These tasks will be focused on generating user metrics, implementing a donor engagement funnel, and launching a corporate sponsorship program for Nexus Blue.

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