Welcome 2016 Fellows to the CBE Summer Fellows Blog

Hello Summer Fellows!

Please follow these simple steps to create a blog post:

Step 1:
Log in:

Note:  Use normal MIIS credentials (same as for MIIS email)

Step 2:
Go to “+New” and “Post” located at the top left  





Step 3:  Give your post a title and write your text.

Note:  please insert a “read more” tag after first paragraph—that way the post is not too long on the landing page.



Step 4:
Add photo or photos by clicking “Add Media”

Note:  please be sure to add pictures of yourself in your location–not just your location.

Step 5:
Select one photo for the “featured image” for that post.   

Note:  For each post, please select one image as the “featured image”

Step 6:
Categorize by your name and the year 2016.

Step 7:

I hope that is helpful!  Happy blogging!

Yours truly, Rachel Christopherson


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