Bailey Warren: Beach Report Card and Blue Carbon

San Clemente, California, USA
June 11th to August 24th, 2020

Imperial Beach, California, USA
June 11th to August 24th, 2020

Bailey will be working with two organizations this summer, remotely for now, but hopefully getting out to the beaches and wetlands of California.


Bailey will be conducting necessary research, data collection, and synthesis to complete the first draft of Surfriders 2020 State of the Beach Report Card. She will also be researching the ability of each coastal state to meet the 2019 grading criteria by reviewing policy documents and websites, contacting regional staff, and tracking policy changes. With this, she will be assisting with the development of policy memoranda and outreach such as comment letters and their coastal blog for communication platforms on ocean and coastal policy. Depending on allotted time, she will also support various projects as needed including compiling a one pager about managed retreat and potentially testifying before decision makers! In all, Bailey will be providing support to Surfrider’s Coastal Preservation environmental programs and campaigns for the duration of the summer.


Currently, WILDCOAST is developing a project along with SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography and San Diego County’s Blue Carbon Collaborative to conserve and restore coastal wetlands that remove significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As an intern this summer, Bailey will aid in the analysis of potential carbon mitigation opportunities that coordinate with the socioeconomic needs of the surrounding community. In doing so, she will be formalizing the Blue Carbon Coalition meetings by managing meetings, notes, and sustainability of the project. She will also be managing data by working with scientists to collect data and package information for the public, decision makers, and funders. With this, Bailey will be working to develop a literature review of blue carbon information and guidance as well as a wetland management analysis describing who is in charge of priority areas. In all, she will be reviewing documents to aid the organization in describing research and planning techniques for an equitable Blue Carbon Program. 

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