Kacy Cooper: California Kelp Restoration Corps, Giant Giant Kelp Restoration Project

California Kelp Restoration Corps/Giant Giant Kelp Restoration Project
June 1-September 3, 2022
Monterey, California, USA

The California Kelp Restoration Corps (CKRC) is a 501(c)3 organization in Monterey, California with the mission to protect and actively restore California’s kelp. It was incorporated in February 2022 and oversees the implementation of the Giant Giant Kelp Restoration Project at Tankers Reef (G2KR). G2KR is a citizen-science kelp restoration project in Monterey, that has been permitted to cull urchins on a two-acre project area and document the regrowth of kelp.

Kacy Cooper began volunteering for the project in June 2020 by leading community outreach efforts and enhancing the projects organization and management strategies. She now serves as Secretary of the Board. During the Spring 2022 Semester, Kacy took an Organizational Development and Leadership Course at MIIS, where she analyzed the CKRC and developed a strategic planning process to enhance the organization. Her goal during the internship this summer is to work with other board members of the CKRC to enhance the organization’s long term planning efforts and organizational structure to accommodate future growth goals.

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