Back to schooooool

What a summer! So much has happened since my last post– My ‘deep dive’ presentation to the Fishery Solutions Team went really well. I had a very productive brainstorming session and was able to generate several behavioral intervention ideas for each of the challenges I discuss in my paper. We had a really great intern send-off party at the office on our last day as well. I learned so much at this internship and will really miss working with everyone at EDF!



Goodbye desk! 🙁

The day after my last day at EDF I picked up my boyfriend (now fiancĂ©!) at the San Francisco airport. He spent the summer working in Costa Rica, and has just arrived in Peru where he will complete his practicum assignment for his MA in International Education Management . Here he is showing off his city parallel parking skills (I could NEVER park like this…)



Very impressive Dashiell….

I’m back in Monterey and all moved into my new place in Seaside. I’m living in the same awesome house as Alex!! Last weekend we loaded up on a bunch of new plants to add to our edible garden. Here I am with Thomas (another IEP student) trying to squeeze into our car that’s been FILLED with tomatoes, rosemary, thyme, calendula, echinacea, yarrow, and more.




I’m excited for what this semester has to offer! I’m taking some really interesting classes this term– Marine Science and Policy, Sustainable Coastal Management, and GIS. Other than that, I’ve been slowly easing myself back into the swing of grad school; working on my resumĂ©, preparing for IPSS, doing some rock climbing and biking, and just enjoying my time back in beautiful Monterey.


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